Dear Burgess Families,
Today, we discovered a student brought some spent bullet casings to school. The casings were shown to some students on the bus and playground. One of those students reported that to a staff person who immediately reported it to the administration. Upon learning this information, administration immediately requested assistance from our School Resource Officer [SRO] and police department. Searches of the school premises and buses were conducted and yielded one additional spent bullet.
It is important to note that this item did not involve any live rounds and only spent shell casings. Spent shell casings are not dangerous per se, but because they relate to firearms, they can cause fear among students and staff. All parents of students directly involved were contacted. Please know that we continue to work with the police regarding all of our security measures. We appreciate the responsiveness of the Sturbridge Police. We ask for the support of all Burgess families to ensure that the children are informed that these types of items should not brought to school.
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Kathleen Pelley
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