ATTN: 6th Grade Families

Dear Grade 6 Families,


Wednesday, June 10, 2020 from 1:00 to 2:00 – Belongings Pickup/Device and Book Return

All personal items left in the classrooms and lockers were bagged by staff. If you ordered Spring Pictures, you will get those at this time. You will also get your Tantasqua Warrior Welcome Bag. The nurse will put any remaining medications in those bags on the day of distribution. For Grade 6, your Certificate of Completion will be in those bags. We ask that you return all loaned Chromebooks and library/classroom books. Here are the expectations and guidelines to make this a success:
1. Enter campus and proceed to the student drop off/pick up area. Follow the signs and perimeter of the parking lot. If you are here prior to 1:00, please do not advance past the first stop. There will be cones to prevent vehicles from advancing beyond that point prior to 1:00.
2. The first stop near the vehicle entrance to the southern playground will be to return any loaned Chromebooks and library/classroom books. There will be two staff at the point. One staff will have a container for you to deposit any library/classroom books. The other staff will be collecting Chromebooks and your chargers. Once you return your Chromebook, you will receive a piece of paper that says, “Device Returned.” You will need that paper to collect your belongings.
3. The second stop will be to retrieve your child’s belongings. Pull up to your child’s teacher’s tables. For safety reasons, we ask that you stay in line in order to get to your table and please do not drive around cars. In this case safety is more important than expediency. Make sure that you place a piece of paper with your child’s last name on it on the passenger side dashboard, so we can easily identify your vehicle. When you are at your child’s table, please open your trunk from inside your vehicle. A staff person will put your belongings in your trunk area and secure your trunk. If that is not possible, you will need to roll down your window and the staff person will give you the bag making no contact. If you have a “Device Returned” piece of paper, show that paper to the staff and we do not need to collect that paper. The order of the tables will be Ripley, Thomas, Myotte, Jones, Parent and Brosnan starting from the southern playground and moving toward the office.
4. The final stop will be for instruments and raffle baskets. This interaction will take place on the other side of the campus on the sidewalk on the Cedar Lake side at the doors past the kitchen loading area. If you need to drop off an instrument, Mr. Minchoff will be there to collect instruments. The PTO will be at that point to distribute raffle baskets to those lucky winners.
5. We estimate the volume of vehicles will be similar to a normal pick up at the end of the school day. That dismissal process typically takes about 20 to 25 minutes. There is an extra stop for some vehicles. Officer Murray will be here to help with traffic control. We do anticipate that this will take a bit longer than the normal pick up routine and we ask for your patience in advance.

Thursday, June 11, 2020 from 11:00 to 12:00 – 6th Grade Drive-In Celebration

There will be a live, drive-in style closing ceremony in the West Parking Lot on the Cedar St. side. This event will follow the traditional order events except there will be no interaction. Here are the expectations and guidelines to make this a success:
1. Enter the campus and proceed to the east side parking lot on the Cedar St. side. Please find a spot in the lot facing the school. Only vehicles with a Grade 6 student will be allowed to enter that area as there is only enough room for one car per family.
2. Tune your radio 88.7 in order to listen to the ceremony. Due to social distancing practices, we require that no one gets out of their vehicles during this event. The FM transmitter should be able to be heard in the north and east parking lots. Families are allowed an additional vehicle to hear the ceremony in those locations.
3. Depart campus with patience. At the conclusion of the event, there will be over two hundred vehicles exiting campus. Officer Murray will be here to help with traffic control. We thank you in advance.
We look forward to these closing events and being able to celebrate the Sixth Grade.
Take care and Stay Well,
Kathy Pelley
Principal, Burgess Elementary School